Sunday, September 15, 2013

All things work together for the good of those who love Him..


Cos I actually went to do my nails at a shop (was late) but after waiting 45min, there was no sign that it was my turn..

So we went to anr shop..

Where my nails got done by an expert!

I mean, 4th place in Malaysian competition - to be exact.

Amazing!! :)

Wednesday, September 11, 2013


I am given a new project that is quite exciting - in another direction. Sourcing goodie bag items for 40-80 pax. While it's kinda out of my comfort zone, it's something I'm eagerly taking up - particularly since our event is tentatively on 4/11.. our off-in-lieu for Deepavali, but... yay!

My story thus far...

Wanted to share w u that I am going to start a newsletter w some social worker friends where hopefully we can get first issue out before CNY 2014..

Did I tell u? God also heals me! I am now into my 4th month or more without my thyroid medicine as cleared by doc! Considering how both my mum and gma had to get radioisotopes of iodine to destroy their over active thyroid!

 I am getting social work student in 2014.. aft which I may see where God opens for me in career tho I think I know where - Changi General Hospital where my thyroid doctor has become friends w me till she even emailed me of the hr person in charge of hiring medical social workers!

Please pray for me as if it is God's will in future on top of full time work , I will be also teaching in a Bible school in batam, conducting training in a private counselling clinic, doing crisis related overseas trips etc.

God is not done w me yet..

And remember how I told u when I first entered the social service sector? That God told me He would redeem the time the locusts have stolen? And boy.. has He!

About my own place to call my own.. yes.. I am still very keen on the idea.. And this year sg government just announced that they will be allowing singles 35y n abv to apply for 2rm flats directly fr them but only in outskirts. Due to overwhelming demand of these flats, they have promised that the minimum they'll provide is 2rm.. I trust (by faith if God wills it) that when it's my turn I can apply for 3 rm.. isn't even excitedly planning 2 evenings a week to give group tuition.. open 2nd bedroom for friends who need respite etc..

Also feel God place a burden for the domestic helpers who come to chapel in my heart.. have told few church elders but really depends.. I may have to take a leap of faith somewhere.. but I don't know all the answers including who else to partner in this work esp when I don't have clarity whether I am given blessing to do the ministry..


Because my dear sister from Philipines called me yesterday, and we caught up for a while...

and I also found another coach bus had an accident on the expressway back home..

Reminding me of the little and big ways He protected us, not least cos our driver was alert and on the way down changed vehicle as his engine was smoking..

Am grateful for little signs like this that He shows He is faithful..